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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

If you are thinking about or already volunteering and you’re under 23 then you could complete the world’s most recognised youth award – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

You may have already done one or more of the levels but don’t worry if you haven’t – you can take part no matter what your experience is.

The award challenges you to get better at, learn or improve your skills in areas that are valuable to employers by taking part in activities each week. You need to complete all of your award activities by your 25th birthday. There are three levels and you don’t have to work through them all – you can start at the one that suits you.

  • Bronze (minimum age 14 or in S3)
  • Silver (minimum age 15 or in S4)
  • Gold (minimum age 16)

To get each award you have to complete each of four sections at bronze or silver – or five sections at gold. You need to do an hour a week minimum to get the award, but you don’t need to do all sections at the same time and you can take a break when you have other things going on in your life – like exams!

The sections of the award are:

  • Volunteering – do something to help without reward
  • Physical – do something to get the heart rate up
  • Skills – increase your skills for employment or just something you love
  • Expedition – take part in a journey and learn how to enjoy the outdoors
  • Residential (for Gold only) – have an experience away from home and get to know new people

You need an adult volunteer group leader (usually a teacher or adult instructor) who can share their skills, enthusiasm and organising abilities, but most of all they will make sure that you are safe at all times.

Participants take part through DofE Award Centres that are placed in schools and in voluntary organisations across Glasgow and beyond. If you live, work or learn in Glasgow complete this online form and we will be in touch with more about the programme and how you can get involved.

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