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Refugee Week 2022 – Desire’s Volunteering Story


Desire began volunteering with Interfaith Glasgow in 2021. Interfaith Glasgow is a charity that promotes and facilitates positive engagement between people of diverse faiths and beliefs (religious and non-religious) so as to help create a better-connected, safer, and more harmonious city for all.  

“My time to volunteer with the Weekend Club [at Interfaith Glasgow] has been brilliant. Since the time I started volunteering I have been in different roles depending on how the event is planned. Setting up tables where participants are supposed to seat, directing people to the venue, serving lunch to participants and many more.”

Desire came across Interfaith Glasgow through an online search. The organisation’s website really caught his eye, and the rest is history! 

“There are a lot of best things in volunteering… like getting to know new places, getting to know new people and making new connections with different people. New experiences of different cultures, friends and many more… Volunteering has benefited me a lot but amongst others it has really helped me to integrate well in Glasgow and the community around me. Secondly, what I have benefited in volunteering is that it has helped with my health and wellbeing. I no longer feel lonely. I feel like Weekend Club is my family.”

“The advice I can give to everyone who would love to start volunteering is that it’s a lovely thing to do… because so far I have got the best experience in volunteering. It has gotten me new friends and above all you can even get a family in volunteering.”

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