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Glasgow City Wide Volunteering Works Programme.


RECRUITMENT FOR THIS PROGRAMME IS CURRENLY ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. N.B. – If you are purely interested in finding suitable volunteering opportunities outwith the Programme then click here





Our targeted programme aims to assist potential and current volunteers who live with in a Glasgow postcode in the 18+ age category, to discover Glasgow wide volunteering opportunities to help boost their employability prospects. 

You may be currently volunteering so your current volunteering experience can be fully explored now. Candidates will also complete the Level 4 SQA Employability Award



Volunteering Works will help you realise how volunteering can gain you transferable workplace skills, improve your CV and gain a reference whilst achieving an SQA qualification.

I didn’t realise that volunteering was an important CV item but I realise this now. Also, my volunteering gives me something to write into job application forms, particularly the personal statement part (Participant, March 2019)

By taking part in Volunteering Works you will get the opportunity to participate in a 5 week programme. We will help you find the type volunteering  that you would like to gain experience in.



All sessions will be held at our  Bothwell Street Offices. It’s also best to Register to our website to get the best information and latest opportunities to your email, etc. Use this link HERE to find  suitable volunteering opportunities.

web registration

Thereafter, we can support you if need be, into at your chosen volunteering opportunity and hopefully you’ll continue volunteering beyond the 5 weeks of the Programme. We can begin this process prior to the actual programme beginning and Derek will be in contact with you once you’ve shown initial interest.


I was very satisfied with the Programme as it got me a volunteering position in something I will love doing (Participant, March 2019)



Some of our Partner Volunteering Involving Organisations are: (click on logos for their website)

Lambhill Stables LogoSWCCOasis at Wallacewell jpegPEEK jpegPossobilities

Food Train NEW LOGO

Freewheel north

Volunteering Works will cover any travel expenses for each session (e.g. First Bus day ticket)  in attending the SQA Employability Award aspect.

Your volunteering experience will help you to improve your employability by:

  • Improving your CV.
  • Providing references.
  • Achieving transferable workplace skills.
  • Expanding your abilities.
  • Boosting your confidence and self esteem.

Image and link to Carly's storyIn addition to learning practical skills you will be able to undertake the Level 4 SQA Employability Award, this award is  designed to help you gain and sustain employment by enabling you to:

  • Assess and reflect on your current skills and abilities.
  • Learn and practice techniques to help in applying for jobs.
  • Learn to review current job market and match skills to appropriate vacancies.
  • Gain an understanding of employer’s expectations and workplace etiquette.

This award is very accessible to everyone, the learning is carried out in bite size chunks and is very interactive, therefore is not hours of sitting listening to a teacher go on and on, it is learner focused and the pace is directed by the individual.  So even if you have not taken part in any learning since school or never sat any exams, you will find something in this award for you. Volunteering Works! Don’t take our word for it, try it out.

Contact Derek  about joining the next Volunteering Works programme: 0141 226 2562 (Mon – Thurs 9.30 to 4.30 or Fri 9.30 to 3.00)

Or contact us with your details using the form below for any of the 2019/20 programmes. To find out more about our privacy statement and what we do with your personal details click here –  VG Learning & Employability Privacy Notice

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