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Climate Action Spotlight – Repair Cafe Glasgow

For our Climate Action campaign we will be spotlighting organisations in Glasgow that are making a fantastic impact in the Climate Action Movement with the support of volunteers.

Today’s spotlight is Repair Cafe Glasgow, based in The Deep End in the Southside of Glasgow.




Repair Cafe Glasgow is a voluntary organisation, founded in 2017 on the principles of Repair Café International, and built upon the idea that our possessions have lots of life left in them when we maintain and repair them.

We run free regular community repair sessions led by fantastic volunteers, and have saved 5 tonnes of goods from landfill since March 2018. Doing this together with others builds social cohesion creates a can-do feeling, while helping to reduce the size of our landfills and the use of finite resources for replacement items.

Local organisations and community groups have the agency to make a difference, both at a local level through their actions, and globally through their contribution to the overall effort. We do need the systems in place to allow us to behave sustainably. For example, people do not want to throw things away just because they are broken. The Repair Cafe creates an environment to help others to be able to fix things and therefore hold on to their goods longer; be it electrical items, clothes or whatever it might be.

We need to see a clear pathway to zero carbon emissions, and for individuals’ behaviours to be supported to contribute to that through facilitative legislation and  policies and support for organisations able to help deliver this. For example, we need to push for manufacturers to create products, such as small electrical products, phones and white goods, that are repairable at affordable prices and upskill ourselves to do this!

We need more volunteers at our Repair Cafes to help repair goods from electrical and electronics, wooden items and textiles such as soft toys and clothing. You do not need to be a professional repairer to help out, we also need help to organise and run our events. You can also learn from others while you are there.  Currently we meet monthly on a Saturday but we hope to expand to weekday times too. If you want to join us please get in touch at

Paula Pike, Volunteer & Events Coordinator with Repair Cafe Glasgow

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