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Climate Action Spotlight – Merry Go Round

For our Climate Action campaign we will be spotlighting organisations in Glasgow that are making a fantastic impact in the Climate Action Movement with the support of volunteers.

Gaynor volunteering with Merrygoround

Today’s spotlight is Merrygoround, which is a charity and social enterprise based in the Southside.

At Merrygoround, our environmental aim is to reduce the amount of new goods that are being purchased. In doing so, we provide a free easy drop off service for reusable children’s goods to ensure as much as possible is reused and recycled locally. We support low carbon parenting by offering second hand goods locally and providing information and advice on reducing impact.
Our organisation is proud to have an amazing volunteer team who are at the forefront of everything we do, including raising awareness on our behalf. They come into our shop and sorting hub to help with processing donations where they learn about stock maintenance and rehoming quality baby goods. Our partnership programme ensures that local families on low income receive packs they would otherwise be unable to afford.
The current COP26 event has put Glasgow on the map – literally!! With the introduction of the Glasgow Green Map, Glasgow residents have access to information on where they can support climate change within their local communities. We are delighted to be included in this. It highlights just how much waste reduction is happening across the city. People are shopping locally, reducing the supply chain. Items are being rehomed and given a new lease of life.
If you are passionate about climate change and have a few spare hours per week then we would love you to join our team.

Gillian, Volunteer Coordinator for Merrygoround.

You can join the friendly team at Merrygoround as a volunteer and help them to continue to serve the community and reach their Climate Action goals. Click on this link to find out more and apply

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