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The Impact of Organisation Support – Melanie Farrow

 Farrow, Halls Manager with Maryhill Burgh Halls Trust, shares her experience of using Volunteer Glasgow’s Advertising Services and the benefit of connecting with other volunteer managers at our Volunteer Managers Networking Events.

You can read the full transcript here:

I’m Melanie, I’m the Halls Manager at Maryhill Burgh Halls Trust. We’re a community venue in the north-west of Glasgow brought back into use for the community, by the community.

We’re volunteer led, so all our board are volunteers and we have a staff team currently of four members of staff. The rest are volunteers, so we very much rely on volunteering to operate our building and we have a variety of volunteering roles that we use at the Trust.

We have reception and admin volunteers. We used to have some gardeners, we might be bringing the gardeners back next year once we can use our gardens again. Keep our fingers crossed!

And we have, sort of, heritage and museum volunteers that do things like tours and workshops, so we’ve used a variety of Volunteer Glasgow services.

Obviously, initially we used the advertising of roles, and I think the first role we advertised was probably the reception and admin and that’s certainly the one that we’ve had  the biggest response on, the one we advertise regularly.  It’s great because we get such a great response with the adverts that we can switch off and on when we need people.

Yeah, it’s great that we can use those services. We’ve made use of the network meetings for the managers, and we’ll probably be making use of the training services as well for our new admin assistant who has started taking on looking after the volunteers

So, when we use the service to advertise our volunteering roles it’s very simple to use, it’s great to use. Once you’ve got the template and everything set up, even I can use it so that’s saying something!

I’m not the most technology savvy… and it’s great because there’s so much information there about your volunteer before you get in touch with them so you have a really good idea how you can pitch what you’re going to speak about, what sort of role that they’re interested in, and how you can take the volunteering forward.

Something we don’t use, but you can use, is things logging numbers of volunteer hours and look at, you know, how many people have come through the process, how many people have stayed with you, how long they’ve stayed with you and things, so yeah – it’s really really useful.

So, been to a few of the networking events that Volunteer Glasgow have run. It’s great to meet up with other people, it’s great to speak about your experiences and just realise that you’re not alone, that everyone experiences things that are really similar.

Any advice that I could give other volunteer managers? Well, certainly making use of a number of Volunteer Glasgow services. I’m not just being paid to say this! Certainly the network meetings to to learn from others and gain some insights from others I can’t sing enough about the advertising service. Just the sheer… not only numbers of volunteers that we get through that we wouldn’t get through on just our website,  but just because of the quality and the assessment and how we find out about them and the information that you already have before you actually then meet with them.

How can people get involved? So they can obviously go to Volunteer Glasgow’s advert on the website, or they can contact us directly, or they can contact us on our website.

If you’re not sure about volunteering with us have a little look at our website, see what we do. There’s so many opportunities and different things to get involved with. I mean we’re a multi-purpose space so we’ve got everything from gaining experience in just general admin and reception to experiencing events experiencing museums, heritage workshops, community engagement talks, tours, walks… I could go on! But yeah… there’s lots and lots of things that you can get involved with.

To find out more about advertising for volunteering roles, head to or contact

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