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Young person is aged 8-18 at the time of the referral

Lives in the North East, South West or North West area of Glasgow


We accept referrals from individuals and organisations. Our Referral system is open and anyone can make a referral – Volunteer Glasgow will also strive to remove any barriers to referral, so please tell us what we need to do to help.


Please obtain the agreement of the young person and their family

Complete our Referral Form, which can be downloaded here: Befriending & Mentoring Services Referral form. Alternatively, if you contact us at or 0141 226 3431 we can either email or post out the form to you.

If there is a Care Plan for the young person, please send it to us with the Referral Form.


A member of our team will confirm the receipt of the referral within one working week.  Please note that sometimes our Assessment is delayed due to high demand for our service, but we will keep you posted.  We will contact the young person and their family to arrange the Assessment as soon as possible.  Once our Assessment is complete, we will look for the best Befriender for that young person and their circumstances.


Volunteer Glasgow’s Promise


Our Young Persons Befriending Service holds the Quality in Befriending Award at Excellence level so you can be confident that we can evidence policy and practice of very high standards around for example, staff and volunteer recruitment, vetting and preparation; assessment of young people; risk management.

Volunteer Glasgow is committed to safeguarding the welfare of all children and young people. We recognise our responsibility to take all reasonable steps to promote safe practice and to protect children from harm, risk of harm, abuse and exploitation.




What if a young person doesn’t want to be matched with a volunteer?

If a young person doesn’t want to engage, then that’s entirely their decision.  During our Assessment we hope that they are finding out what it would be like to have a befriender, what would be expected of them and what they could expect from the Service.  That way they are in a position to make an informed choice about being matched or not.

What referral information is needed?

Our Referral form gathers information which allows us to tailor the befriending service to the needs of the young person ranging from what kind of support they may need from staff, what profile of volunteer is best and what support the volunteer may need.  It may not be possible for a referrer to answer all of the questions, but we can hopefully fill in any gaps during Assessment.  It is helpful if you give us as much information as possible.

How will the young person be matched?

Our matching process aims to firstly identify the best befriender or mentor for each young person and their circumstances, whether that’s about geography and travel, interests, personality, ability to cope with any challenges in a match and so on.  Secondly, we look at the volunteer’s aspirations – e.g.  when the volunteer is looking for a match with a younger young person, are they specifically interested in a particular issue like disability or the role of young carer?  Practical issues may also be a factor too – a volunteer who is allergic to pet hair may not relish going to the home of a young person who owns a dog or cat.  Our aim is to make sustainable matches and for the experience to be positive for both the young person and the volunteer.

Will I get regular updates?

Yes, we will keep you updated on how our Assessment is going, what’s happening while a young person is waiting for a volunteer and once they are matched, on how the match is going.  This enables Befriending to play its part in supporting young people.   It’s also important that we are kept up to date with any changes for the young person or their families so that we can continue to make sure that our Service responds appropriately, so please keep in touch and let us know about any meetings that we should attend or report to.

Is there a cost attached?

Our Services are funded by several charitable trusts, so there is no cost to families or referral agencies.



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