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Information for Volunteers

photo of young person and volunteer playing baseballVolunteering as an intandem Mentor with Volunteer Glasgow will offer you

  • Initial training with a focus on personal development
  • New skills and experience valued by employers, training providers and further education providers
  • The chance to make a difference to the life of a young person whose circumstances are difficult, complex and stressful
  • Support in your role from expert, experienced staff
  • The opportunity to invest in yourself and in the life of a young person who, with your assistance can learn new skills, cope better with their circumstances, feel good about themselves and realise their goals.

We schedule training programmes regularly on weekday evenings or Saturdays so hopefully one of them will suit your commitments

If this ticks your boxes, get in touch – we’ll talk to you about the mentoring role; our commitment to you; the commitment we’re looking for from you.  You’ll be invited along to our next training Programme and then, if both you and we think this is the right volunteering role for you we’ll match you with the young person to whom you’re best suited.

Of course, there’s some paperwork but we’ll complete the application form while you’re talking to us and we’ll help with the application for membership of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme – mentoring is about getting out there with your young person, building a supportive relationship through which they can thrive, enjoying fun activities together – that’s where we want your energy to go.

Anna, one of our intandem mentors kindly agreed to talk to her Support Worker about her experience to date.

Many mentors have told us that they were inspired to volunteer because they hoped to make a positive impact in a young person’s life. What many of these mentors were surprised to learn was just how positive the impact had been in their own life.  Has this been your experience, and if so, can you tell us how your own life has changed since you started mentoring?
I feel as though I have accomplished a lot since becoming a mentor. This opportunity has
allowed me to feel more confident in my ability to build positive relationships with young
people. I have also gained far more confidence by trying new activities and pushing myself to
tackle new things that I wouldn’t normally do.
How has your young person changed since you started mentoring?
My young person has become more outgoing and more open with how she is feeling. She has
discovered new interests and is more open to trying new activities which are helping to build
her confidence.
What is the best part of mentoring?
The best part of mentoring is the rewarding feeling you experience after leaving a young
person, knowing you have made their week better and allowed them to enjoy themselves for
a while.
How has the role challenged you?
This role has challenged me to try new things that I wouldn’t normally do. It has also
challenged me to have more difficult conversations and know that I can help simply by
listening to a young person.
When you think back to the expectations you had before starting to mentor, what has been
the biggest surprise you’ve had in relation to the role given your experience as a mentor
How rewarding an experience it is. Previous mentors discussed the positive impact it had on
their lives but it wasn’t until I experienced it myself that I realised how rewarding it would be.

Can you tell us how you felt on the first day of training and compare it to how you felt on the
last day of training?
On the first day of training I didn’t fully know what to expect, I was unsure whether I would
be able to build a positive relationship with a young person. However, now I know that I can
build these relationships and I am confident in my abilities to help a young person as a
What advice would you give someone who is considering whether to volunteer as a mentor
in the future?
If you have any doubts or concerns you have plenty of time to voice them during training
sessions. If you are unsure whether to volunteer put any doubts aside and focus on how
beneficial the experience will be, not only for the young person but also for yourself.
Can you tell us about one of your favourite mentoring memories so far?
The first time a young person opened up to me about the difficulties in their life at the time.
Although it was a difficult conversation, it was also a good moment as it showed that the
young person trusted me and I had been able to build a positive relationship with them.

Thanks Anna!

If you would like to join Anna as a mentor



or phone Steven on 226 2560

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