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Services Impact Report – 2022/23

This week, we’re sharing key stats from our annual Services Impact Report, as well as feedback from our partners and community members.

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Take a look at an overview of our services, including figures and feedback, from April 2022 – March 2023:

Volunteering Support 

Our Volunteering Support team provide advice, support and guidance to anyone who is interested in volunteering, as well as working with our partners to support their service users and communities.

In the year to 31st March 2023:

  • We provided our digital services via for 25,995 people.
  • We provided 42 ‘Get Ready to Volunteer’ sessions or bespoke workshops for 485 people, working in partnership with over 80 organisations in order to do so.
  • We provided a range of additional, individual support services to a total of 745 people interested in volunteering including offline information and guidance. Following the relaxation of covid-19 restrictions, this work included (a) the resumption of face-to-face individual appointments in our office and (b) a new, weekly drop-in session in partnership with Skills Development Scotland at its premises in George Square.
  • We promoted and administered the Government’s Saltire Awards for Glasgow’s young people aged 12-25 to recognise their volunteering, issuing 874 certificates in the year.

Here’s what our partners had to say about our Volunteering Support Services:

  • Get Ready to Volunteer Sessions: “Eliza [VG Volunteering Support Advisor] was very open to various suggestions for meeting with ESOL students at Glasgow Kelvin College, so we were able to get plans in place promptly. All of her subsequent visits to student groups were very well-received. Importantly, she tailored her delivery to the audience – both in the content and in the grading of her language. She’s able to improvise and is very responsive to students’ needs and their particular interests. She’s a terrific asset in class when starting a discussion about volunteering, and I’d be keen to work with her again to develop our partnership further. ” – Shona, Glasgow Kelvin College
  • Weekly Volunteer Drop-In at Skills Development Scotland: Since late 2022, Skills Development Scotland George Square and Volunteer Glasgow have worked in close partnership to deliver services to our shared customers.  Volunteer Glasgow staff deliver the Volunteering drop-in service from our centre every Wednesday alongside ‘Get Ready for Volunteering’ group sessions as appropriate. Volunteer Glasgow staff have been a huge support to SDS staff, offering advice and support around shared customers.  Customer referrals between our organisations have been been strengthened and streamlined due to the weekly presence and on going communication. This collaborative approach, with both partners under one roof, allows customers to explore Volunteering as an option whilst also having wider conversations around their Careers information Advice and Guidance needs. Graham, Issmat and Eliza are an asset to our team on Wednesday’s and contribute towards our aim of a vibrant and busy careers centre.” – Laura, Skills Development Scotland

Organisation Support

Our Organisation Support team provide support, networking and training opportunities for volunteer-involving organisations across Glasgow – including charities, CICs, social enterprises and public sector bodies.

In the year to 31st March 2023:

  • We advertised 765 volunteering opportunities on behalf of public and third sector organisations, providing a range of associated guidance and support to those organisations in order to do so effectively; doing everything in our power to provide accurate information and to enable positive volunteering experiences.
  • In addition, 25 people attended ‘Smarter Volunteer Manager’ training, 59 people attended our Volunteer Managers’ networking events, 45 people attended our Opportunity Advertising workshops and 138 people are members of our online SLACK forum workspace for Volunteer Managers. 100% of participants rated our training as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ with 91% agreeing they were better able to recruit, manage and retain volunteers as a result of attending training or networking sessions.

Here’s what our partners had to say about our Organisation Support Services:

“I felt engaged through the training – the things that we were asked to reflect on were challenging enough without being overwhelming. Putting together something at the end was useful and helps you reflect. It’s a well put together course and Derek facilitates very well.” – Cathy, REMAP

“Volunteer Glasgow is a fantastic resource for any organisation that involves volunteers. The VG run Smarter Volunteer Manager Training and the Inclusive Volunteering Workshop helped me to improve my skills, focus, confidence and ability to better design programmes to welcome in a more diverse team of volunteers.

“The Volunteer Manager Networking events are an excellent way to meet with people who share this very challenging role, get and give advice, support, inspiration and connections. In addition to this the staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and clearly committed to helping organisations connect with and succeed in creating strong volunteer opportunities that benefit the wider third sector and the wonderful people of Glasgow willing to give of their time and volunteer with us.” – Karlean, GFT

“The Volunteer Manager course has been a game changer for Swamp. We now have a better understanding and an improved environment for all aspects of volunteering in our organisation. On a personal level it has given me confidence to undertake an important role also.
Throughout my engagement I found it very easy to access information and support from both the trainer and my peer group.
Volunteer Glasgow have been brilliant and created a formal but comfortable platform for myself and others to further the volunteer the experience.” – Peter, SWAMP

Befriending & Mentoring

Our Befriending and Mentoring Services engage people in relationships which provide rewarding and challenging experiences for volunteers; tailored support to young people and families; and community support for Seniors.

In the year to 31st March 2023:

  • 88 children and young people were supported in building resilience, engaging in their community and achieving their potential. All of the young people enjoyed a wider range of age appropriate activities and reported increases in confidence and self-esteem. 93% developed skills – interpersonal and/or practical.
  • 10 young people whose mental wellbeing was fragile engaged in Wellbeing Programmes achieving outcomes around increased confidence and self-esteem, reduced isolation and increased community engagement.
  • We supported 81 volunteer befrienders and mentors to deliver these outcomes with young people in the context of relevant policies and good practice developments.
  • Our funders – BBC Children in Need, NLCF, the Jane Allan Trust, the Scottish Government and Glasgow’s HSCP were joined by in-kind supporters Arnold Clark, KIND, Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas and Cineworld. Our friends at Professional Beauty Systems were fabulous in their fundraising for us.
  • We supported 23 Seniors in Home Visiting matches. All of our Seniors felt less isolated, 87% were more active and 73% got out of the house more.
  • We enabled and supported 20 volunteer Home Visitors to deliver these outcomes with our Seniors with support from the Robertson Trust, Befriending Networks and individual donors.

Take a look at what our volunteers and community had to say about our Befriending & Mentoring and Elderly Home Visiting Services:

“It has been a great experience and a learning curve. It’s incredible to watch the young person grow into a confident and mature young woman. What for others may seem like small achievements are huge steps forward for her. I’m also able to reflect after the visit about what I would do differently, the meetings with the support worker and advice have been valuable and helpful in my future career in counselling”. – volunteer matched with a young person (17) for 16 months

“I can’t thank the service enough for all the support, I felt helpless watching my daughter shutting herself away from everybody and even though she still has things to work through it all seems much more positive.” – mum of a young person aged 14

“ I’m feeling much better now and I know now it’s ok to ask for help and don’t have to do it all alone” – a young person aged 15, who took part in a mental wellbeing program.

“My befriender is funny, sweet and encouraging. She helped me out with school presentation and in overcoming stage fright” – young person (12) matched for 2 years

“I enjoy her visits – if she isn’t able to come I might not speak to anyone that day at all.” – Betty (79) is matched with Mary

“I wanted to volunteer to get some experience but it’s been much more. I look forward to going to see him.” – David has been matched to Harry (84) since 2020.

… and there’s more! Volunteer Glasgow has also been able to bring our unique insights to collaborations with partners on a range of development opportunities to meet the city’s needs, for example:

  • Co-hosting two Getting on Board trustee recruitment events to introduce volunteers to Third Sector organisations that needed Board members
  • Contributing to national work to track and mitigate the negative impacts on volunteering of the cost of living crisis
  • Working with the Health & Social Care Partnership to develop an initial response to the recommendations of the Socially Connected Glasgow Strategy
  • Publishing a report and recommendations for the UK Government Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) with evidence that DWP policy is a barrier to volunteering for disabled people
  • Working with a wide range of partners to increase inclusion for people with experience of the Community Justice system
  • Contributing to parental employability programmes facilitated by Clyde Gateway and partners

For a more detailed look at our Services Impact Report, click on this link.

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