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Recruiting volunteers COVID-19 lockdown

Anyone engaging new volunteers during this crisis knows that normal best practice processes may be difficult to maintain.

It is important to consider how you can adapt your practices and be pragmatic while safely engaging volunteers. It may not be possible to get references for example. Social distancing requirements may make orientation challenging. Here are a few ideas which you might find useful:

  • Can you put your applications on line? Perhaps consider using Google Docs?
  • Can interviews and indeed orientation/induction be done via Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp?
  • References are likely to be impracticable at the moment. Can you ask for people to verify their identity more than you usually do? Remember many larger employers will undertake a variety of checks on employees, so if someone can prove they work for a particular company consider whether that can provide you with additional confidence.
  • Can you record your orientation/induction on a phone so that you can use it repeatedly? This is not the time to be worrying about production values!
  • If you have a genius idea on adapting your volunteer recruitment please share it with us and we will let people know.

The team at Volunteer Glasgow are here to help and we can be contacted on or on 0141 226 3431. As we all adapt to these new circumstances and needs we can’t always promise an instant answer to your questions but we’ll work with you and other relevant organisations to get you the advice and guidance you need.

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