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Team Volunteering Offer – Tesco Bank

Are you familiar with Tesco’s motto, ‘Every Little Helps’?

A team of Tesco Bank employees are hoping to put that adage into practice by offering thier skills as volunteers!

The team of 8-15 people are looking to make a difference in thier community by volunteering over 1-2 days. They’re very flexible about when they can do it, and not fussed about what type of volunteering it is – as long as its serving the community, the planet and / or the public in some way. Thier only stipulation is that most team members won’t be available on weekends.

Could your charity or organisation do with some help? Please get in touch with Fyona from Tesco Bank by completing the form at the bottom of this page. Fyona will reply to you within 5 working days.

Organisations responding to this offer are responsible for ensuring appropriate insurances are in place, be willing to supervise the task(s) and – if applicable – ensure risk assessments have been undertaken.  Normal policies and procedures of your organization will apply.

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