Terms & Conditions

  1. The information you give us on this form will help us to signpost and/or refer prospective volunteers to your organisation, and to monitor and improve the quality of our services.
  2. Please note: we can only advertise opportunities that can be done in Glasgow or that benefit Glasgow residents.  If your opportunities can only be done outside Glasgow local authority area – or if you have opportunities that can be done across a wider region or nationally – please go to the volunteerscotland.net website for national and alternative local contacts.
  3. We will need further details from you about the volunteering opportunity BEFORE we can fully advertise it – either from the data you submit via an online account (if you have requested one) OR on the interactive PDF document form that you submit to us via email.
  4. We reserve the right not to promote an opportunity should we have any reservations about its compliance with legal requirements or good practice.
  5. The information will be entered on to our database and certain parts of it will appear on our websites. Opportunities are advertised on www.volunteerscotland.net and www.volunteerglasgow.org and will be highlighted as appropriate via our blogs on www.volunteerglasgow.org and on our social media channels.  They may also be found on further websites under strict web service license agreements or RSS feeds.
  6. It is entirely for your organisation to decide whether a person becomes a volunteer with your organisation or not regardless of whether Volunteer Glasgow has signposted or referred the prospective volunteer to you.
  7. It is your responsibility alone to determine the suitability of any potential volunteer that may express an interest in volunteering with you.
  8. If Volunteer Glasgow refers a prospective volunteer to your organisation, we expect you to respect the confidentiality of any information we give you and to have secure procedures in place for storing and retrieving that information.
  9. If you decide against your information appearing online, it will only be held on our database to be used by our staff to advise prospective volunteers about your opportunities, and to advise you of our services and of the services of our Third Sector Interface partners.
  10. We use the MILO system database as a condition of our Scottish Government – Third Sector Interface (TSI) – grant funding which requires us to share organisation data with our Glasgow TSI partners (GCVS, GSEN and Glasgow’s Third Sector Network) to ensure you receive the highest quality support services from the TSI.  Anonymous aggregate statistical data may also be shared with the general public in order to effectively represent the wider Third Sector and develop volunteering.
  11. We will provide online opportunity advertising accounts to those organisations that request this service – but the platform is provided on volunteeringzone.org.uk which is hosted, developed and maintained by Volunteer Scotland: additional terms and conditions will be available to you when you access your account for the first time.
  12. Sport and physical activity organisations: our services are provided in partnership with Glasgow Life/Glasgow Sport to ensure you can access the full range of support services available from both organisations.  We will share your information with Glasgow Sport colleagues automatically if you choose to use an online opportunity advertising account provided on the volunteeringzone.org.uk platform (as per 11 above).
  13. The information will be used in accordance with Data Protection legislation. If you wish to see the information held by us about your organisation, please phone or write to the Chief Executive Officer at the address below.
  14. If you have provided us with a working email address, a copy of the information you submit on this form will automatically be sent to that email account.