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Web Design Services – Special Offer Volunteer

Do you work for a charity or not-for-profit? Are you thinking about giving your organisation’s website a makeover? Could you use some help from a volunteer with web design experience?

You may want to get in touch with Safinatu! Safinatu is currently a student at Kelvin College. She has experience working with HTML, CSS and Javascript, and is hoping to put her skills towards good use with a charity in Glasgow.

Safinatu is a great communicator and team-player, and has her own laptop that she is happy to use. She is available to volunteer on Mondays and / or Fridays.

Safinatu is currently seeking asylum in Glasgow, and would appreciate the provision of travel expenses if she were required to travel (please note if you weren’t aware, that Asylum Seekers are legally permitted to volunteer in Scotland – the Home Office have no issue with people volunteering while their claim is being considered).

If you are a charity or not for profit organisation in Glasgow and could benefit from Safinatu’s help, please complete the form below and press send.

She will get back to you to arrange to meet with you to discuss the role.

Organisations responding to this offer are responsible for ensuring appropriate insurances are in place, be willing to supervise the task(s) and, if applicable, ensure risk assessments have been undertaken.  Normal policies and procedures of your organisation will apply.

Contact Safinatu:

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