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Jamie is offering his photography skills to any organisations, not just in Glasgow but potentially the wider Central Scotland area.

Jamie is a Photographer specialising in Reportage in covering the human aspects and interaction in every day life. He also has experience of Social Photography for all occasions and events, which he captures in a reporting style applicable to any group or individual.

I have volunteered in the past in various roles as a steward and a photographer e.g. fundraising and the recent Homeless World Cup football event in Glasgow. My wish is that the images that  I capture are used as a reminder for all to see of any great day they are involved in which may perhaps, through time, be forgotten. Additionally it’s important to record the human aspects that perhaps we don’t all think to look for unless through a lens and I hope that my volunteering photography services leave a lasting impression of events captured on film.

My most recent voluntary experience in photography is with Sunny Govan Radio, ESOL Glasgow, Cancer Support and The Pavement. My photographic and written work has been published as part of the Homeless World Cup legacy project and through volunteering with The Pavement magazine

Jamie may require some budget requirements for outlay, which can be discussed. If  you wish to discuss Jamie’s offer please contact him directly on:


Click here to see examples of his work on his Facebook page

Below are some examples of his work:

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