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Do you need a translator OR a programmer? – Volunteering Special Offer

… Meet Marco!

Marco is keen to offer his skills as a translator and / or as a programmer to a charity in need.

Marco has a very high proficiency in Scottish Gaelic and Italian and has a keen interest in languages. He is also very passionate about the Scots language.

In addition to his language skills, Marco is also a skilled programmer, with experience in software and website building, and an award-nominated game designer. He is experienced with many coding languages, including Javascript, HTML and python.

If you think Marco would be a good fit for your charity or organisation – either as a Scots heritage volunteer, a translator or to build a website for your charity – then please get in touch with him by completing the form below. Marco is open to all types of organisations, although he has a particularly keen interest in film.

Organisations responding to this offer are responsible for ensuring appropriate insurances are in place, be willing to supervise the task(s) and, if applicable, ensure risk assessments have been undertaken.  Normal policies and procedures of your organisation will apply.

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