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Can your organisation provide a taster session or short-term placement for a group of young people?

Abercorn Secondary School is supporting two groups of young people who are currently working towards the Volunteering Award. The groups are looking to identify a placement or placements that will provide them with a fun and rewarding volunteering opportunity to learn new skills and gain practical experience and help them achieve 25 hours volunteering. With your support, the young people will also be able work towards a 25 hour Saltire Award for their time and effort.

There are two groups of around 8 young people, aged 15-16 years old; the young people have additional support needs but will be accompanied and supported at all times by a member of staff, and will travel by minibus to and from their placement. Any volunteering would ideally take place on a Tuesday morning but the school may be able to offer some flexibility around this.

Although the young people are looking to commit to a minimum of 25 hours volunteering, these hours do not have to come from one placement so even if you can offer one or two sessions, this will be greatly appreciated. If they are able to attend multiple sessions with different organisations, they will have the opportunity to learn about different organisations, the range & diversity of volunteering opportunities, and to experience a variety of activities, all of which will help to give them a valuable insight into the wonderful world of volunteering.

For your organisation, this would be another great opportunity to tackle specific tasks or projects that require multiple pairs of hands, an opportunity to showcase the wonderful work your organisation does, to support young people to learn about volunteering and get involved, and to gain from being around young people who can bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to your organisation. It’s a win-win for everybody!

If you think you can assist Abercorn by providing one or more sessions or even a short-term placement, please use the online contact form below to describe what you can offer. Your completed form will go to Paul at Abercorn directly and you will be able to liaise with him to make additional arrangements for hosting sessions for the young people.

Many thanks for your support!


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