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Access all Areas – Volunteering Special Offer!

Are you interested in offering a more inclusive approach to volunteering? Would you like to make your volunteering opportunities more accessible to different people? Jennifer is completely blind but has loads of experience supporting organisations to make their communications more accessible to other visually impaired people – many of whom have an abundance of skills they could share with your organisation. Jennifer can help your organisation to make this happen!

As a person with sight loss, Jennifer uses assistive technology on a daily basis to help her access information, keep in contact with others and much more. She is keen to ensure that info, apps and websites can be access by all and hopes that organisations take on board any provided feedback. On her iPhone, she uses software called VoiceOver (a gesture-based screen reader) which is found on all Apple devices. On her laptop, she uses Jaws screen reader (which reads out loud what appears on screen as well as telling you what you are typing etc.). Jaws is controlled by using a series of keyboard shortcuts instead of using the mouse.

As she is passionate about accessibility and inclusive communications overall, she would love to assist where possible companies making accessibility changes to their apps or websites etc. She will look at whether or not, links on a webpage work, if text boxes, search fields and filters can be used easily, if a webpage has heading structures and much more.  She would also look at the accessibility of documentation and the type of file format it would be in as some file formats are more accessible than others. Additionally, where images are concerned, she would see if alt text needs to be provided and if it would be necessary to have descriptive text available for images etc. All feedback can be provided by email and over-the-phone.

As this role would be completed remotely, Jennifer already has access to her own equipment – her own laptop with Jaws screen reader installed on it. She would also be interested in other volunteering opportunities and any requirements can be discussed at a later date.

Jennifer currently does an Accessible Communications volunteer opportunity with a different organisation and is extremely keen to expand on this. She has also tested out apps and provided feedback re websites previously.

If you would like to find out more about what Jennifer can offer or think you may be able to involve her in some way, please contact Jennifer using the following contact form:

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