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Our online organisation support services!

Volunteer Glasgow’s Organisations Support Team are ready to support you with your volunteering needs. Whether you are starting out with involving volunteers, looking to develop your volunteering programme or just keen to connect with the volunteers you need. Over the last few months we have developed workshops, resources and events to provide them online so they are accessible to you.

Advertise for free!

Engage with the Volunteers you need. Create and manage your opportunities with your own organisation’s profile with:

We will share your volunteering opportunities via Social Media and with referral organisations. Reach a wider audience – last year we had 73,000 visitors to our website. We have over 10,000 people registered to volunteer and more are on the search every day.

For any volunteer involving queries email:

Learn how to do it effectively:

Attend one of our regular online workshops – A live zoom MS Teams session with a small group of peer volunteer managers. We will provide full demonstration of the system with plenty of valuable advice on making the opportunity advert the best it can be. We also encourage your questions so we can tailor the session to suit you.

Next workshop dates:

TBC keep an eye out for our Eventbrite page in the link below.

Use this link to book a space via our Eventbrite page

Watch a series of short video tutorials for an in depth, step by step guide on using our advertising system. Again with plenty of advice on improving your adverts ensuring they are inclusive and productive for you.

*Please note that there are a few minor changes since a recent system update that are not reflected in the guidance. The guidance is still very relevant and will help you.

Click here to open a new tab on Youtube with the full playlist.

Use our handy visual guidance documents for a quick reference. It might be just what you need to help you progress.

Click here to download zip file of Digital Advertising Visual Guides (PDFs)

Develop your volunteering programme

And build capacity with the Smarter Volunteer Managers Training Programme – You will learn and embed a new method which could make a world of difference, making your role easier and more effective.

The course will be hosted on zoom with 6 sessions that are two and half hours in length spaced over 3 weeks.

Click here to read further on the Volunteer Glasgow website and complete online form to book.

Email: to discuss and get on a waiting list for the next round.


Connect with Volunteer Managers of Glasgow

Join our FREE Volunteer Managers Networking Events to meet and connect with other Volunteer Managers across Glasgow! Thanks to Fairfield Heritage Centre, Govan for hosting us, we are now able to offer networking opportunities in person! However, we will still be hosting an alternative online event.

You can make connections and share ideas, news, and issues that will likely be relevant with others. This forum can be beneficial for being up-to-date and discussing solutions with experienced peers.

Next event TBC

Recognise and celebrate young people

…(aged 12-25) who are volunteering with the Scottish Government’s Saltire Awards.

Click here for further information on Volunteer Glasgow’s Website.

Email: with any queries.

Download our Get the Most from Volunteer Glasgow PDF document, which outlines our full range of volunteering services for volunteer involving organisations, referral organisations and individuals that wish to volunteer.

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