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Re-opening post lockdown advice

[Published 23 July 2020. We will update this guidance as we find information that is useful to share but if you have already wrestled with issues around returning to offices/centres, with volunteers in mind, please do share it with us so we can pass on good practice or tips.]

As organisations are starting to re-open premises after lockdown, there are many questions/issues to consider regarding safeguarding advice. SVCO’s guidance does a great job of covering a lot of the bases, please click here on the link to this guidance:

Volunteering Matters have useful Youtube videos with guidance, an example risk assessment template and re-occupying buildings checklist:

Everyone’s premises will be different and require their own risk assessment process. Here are some of the measures that Volunteer Glasgow plan to implement as soon as non-essential offices are able to open again, which could provide useful ideas for your own context:

  • A rota for staff and volunteers to limit numbers in the office (continued working at home)
  • Ensuring 2m distancing (desk spacing to be taken into account)
  • Perspex screens for reception and 1-2-1 appointments
  • Cleaning work areas between uses
  • Cleaning door handles regularly
  • Not using the air conditioning unit
  • One person at a time in our small kitchen
  • A lock on external door leading to the toilets so that there is not multiple people in this small area

For further information on how best to prevent infection and spread then please continue to monitor the latest NHS Guidance by clicking on the following link; NHS guidance

The team at Volunteer Glasgow are here to help and we can be contacted on As we all adapt to these new circumstances and needs we can’t always promise an instant answer to your questions but we’ll work with you and other relevant organisations to get the advice and guidance you need.

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