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New online forum for Volunteer Managers


We are launching a SLACK workspace for Volunteer Managers working in Glasgow

Sign up and join in the conversations with your peers in this new SLACK workspace

A forum has been requested time and again at our popular networking events and we have listened. If you are new to SLACK, it is a free online channel based messaging platform. Read more about how to use SLACK here.

This will be a safe space to gain advice, give advice, share news and take part in discussions. Like the networking events it will be a fantastic opportunity to share and connect with your peers. As a collective there is a wealth of knowledge and experience from small grassroots projects to larger national organisations. We are keen to facilitate this so all can benefit. We will of course be on there as well to add to discussion and share news but we are keen that this is your space.

It can develop over time with new channels but one that will be there from the get go (beyond a general Volunteer Management channel) is #Training. You can share or ask for information about specific relevant training for yourself as a volunteer manager or for people volunteering with you.

If you have any free available spaces on a paid for training course you are running, you might want to offer it out so if it not going to waste. We have seen some amazing generous sharing of resources in the third sector and it can have a positive impact for all.

If you have any questions or feedback please email:

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