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Are your volunteers really from all backgrounds?

Equal Opportunities Audit

The audit assists organisations to celebrate their strengths and tackle weaknesses in the area of diversity, enabling staff and volunteers to think about the wider diversity issues and embrace them as part of their value base. Volunteer Glasgow is committed to developing good working partnerships with volunteer involving organisations. Those in need of assistance to improve their equal opportunities and diversity practice will be offered a variety of assistance from Volunteer Glasgow, much of which will be entirely without cost. The audit document has been made as quick and easy as possible to complete and analyse and it invites responses to a series of less than eighty questions: it’s available from Volunteer Glasgow – email or phone us for further information.

Equalities Practice Guides

The Information Sheets available for download below are given as a help to organisations in overcoming some barriers which can exist when trying to support people into volunteering. We hope you find the information useful and each includes details of agencies with specialist knowledge.  More sheets will be published shortly.

Guide to Involving Refugees and People Seeking Asylum as Volunteers (PDF format)

Guide to involving Young People as volunteers (PDF format)

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