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Resources to help you manage volunteers

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The guides, information sheets and tools given below are intended to help develop and support a volunteering programme. They are there to assist volunteer managers in planning and evaluating their programmes, as a resource for situations arising in day-to-day volunteer support and as a guide in making volunteering accessible for all. They complement the training available through Volunteer Glasgow and Volunteer Scotland.

Good Practice Guides

Volunteer Edinburgh’s Volunteer Wiki is an excellent resource developed to support those aspects of volunteer management that should be in place in any volunteer programme. It includes information on many topics including recruiting, selecting, supporting and disciplining volunteers as well as how to plan a volunteer role, an induction programme, a volunteer policy, and procedures on expenses. If you decide to try and achieve your Volunteer Friendly Award, you’ll get access to another set of templates, guides and fact sheets once you’re signed up!

Are your volunteers really from all backgrounds?

Often completely unknowingly, groups and organisations unnecessarily prevent – or don’t make it easy enough – for certain groups to volunteer with them: and if you’re desperate for volunteers, why would you? These documents and toolkit give you an easy assessment process to review how good you are, and give tips and advice on how best to engage and support volunteers who may have particular support needs. For example, young people, mental health, addiction, disability or coming from a different culture.

North Glasgow

If your group/organisation/club is based in North Glasgow, you can request a copy of the North Glasgow Volunteering Framework Best Practice Guide from North Glasgow Healthy Living Community on 0141 336 7000.  It is useful for groups new to managing volunteers.


Both Volunteer Scotland and Volunteering England have extensive online resource libraries for volunteer managers.

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