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Smarter Volunteer Manager Programme – Newly updated and with upcoming dates

Q. Who is our Smarter Volunteer Manager programme for?

This programme is for anyone who engages with volunteers, including . . .

  • Managers of volunteering programmes
  • Personnel with responsibility for day-to-day supervision of people volunteering
  • Strategic lead officers
  • Members of governing bodies

When you engage with volunteers, it’s easy to feel the pressure, like you’re always, simultaneously, wearing several hats. This training programme, based on Volunteer Glasgow’s Dynamic Model, will help you take the stress out of your day. Applying the Dynamic Model helps ensure that you design and create effective, satisfying roles which will help you recruit the volunteers you need. And, importantly, you can do this in a way that makes the most of your resources while reducing unnecessary effort.

Q. What is the Dynamic Model of Volunteer Management?

You’ll find out much more on the programme but the Dynamic Model differs from traditional approaches to volunteer management because…

  • It focuses on an effective, detailed analysis and design of individual, volunteering roles.
  • Processes for recruitment, selection and management of people volunteering MUST be specific and conducive to each role.
  • Every volunteering role must be designed on the basis of a clear exchange of expectations and benefits.

Q. What can I expect from the programme?

Currently delivered entirely online using Zoom, the programme runs over six, 2.5 hour sessions spaced over three weeks. Offering a fusion of mentoring, peer discussion, small-group exercises and individual study, there will be opportunities created between sessions for you to explore how far the learning can be applied.

  1. It’s an approach that will help you to find new solutions to the challenges facing you, including those you have yet to identify.
  2. Each group group will be capped at six participants, increasing the potential for devoting greater attention to each person’s needs.
  3. You will work with like-minded people who face similar challenges, gaining from the mutual support and strength that a closed group can provide.
  4. You will be guided by an experienced facilitator in a safe and confidential space where you can be open about the obstacles you are facing.
  5. You will discover why there’s more than one type of volunteer, and more than one type of volunteering role, and how this requires a sophisticated understanding of what volunteering is and why people do it. Equally, you will uncover the single driving force that motivates all volunteers.
  6. You will receive a comprehensive grounding for involving volunteers, ensuring that you have fully addressed all the procedural and operational requirements within your own context.
  7. Your organisation will benefit from a structurally holistic management model designed to maximise resources while minimising effort.
  8. Because your volunteers will subsequently be appropriately supported, feeling acknowledged and recognised, they are likely to stay around longer.
  9. You will be able to develop appropriate tools to monitor and assess the impact of your volunteers’ work.

Q. What have previous participants had to say about the programme?

Here’s some quotes from our SVM February-March 2021 participants that they stated in their evaluation forms of the SVM programme:

I Absolutely feel like I have much more confidence for going forward with our volunteer programme.

A good basis for the development of a volunteer programme and a chance to review some of your organization’s current workings. 

I feel I have gained a very good base level knowledge of the what I need to know to confidently carry out my job working with volunteers.

The facilitators were very engaging and helpful. Their support and feedback was very much appreciated during the course.

Q. What will the programme cost?

(NB Volunteer Glasgow can offer ONE FREE place per Programme to organisations whose Annual Income is £20,000 or less. Volunteer Glasgow uses OSCR Register Search  to determine this. Queued Free places can role over to the next programme on a first refusal basis)

  • Organisations with an annual income of less than £20,000 per annum, can book a place on this course for FREE.
  • Organisations with an annual income between £20,000 – £500,000 or more will be charged £210.

For further information or to book your place, please contact the Organisation Support Team via or contact on 0141 226 3431 or alternatively just fill out the short form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you.

Q. When will the next programme be?

Volunteer Glasgow will be running SVM programmes throughout 2021, so if you cannot attend the upcoming programme below then bookmark this page and check in for the next dates. Or Subscribe to our E-Bulletin under Organisations & Partners to get updates, including SVM future dates.

Our Organisation Support Team will be delivering the first of our newly revised, entirely online programme over six 3 hour sessions (with comfort breaks included!) to be delivered for 2021/ 2022:

Q. How do I book a place?


Please use the form below to request a place or if you have any further question not answered here then please drop us an email on and we’ll be delighted to help!

Places are first come first serve and are limited to 6 places. The closing date for booking for this SVM Programme is 12 Noon Friday prior to the start date. Candidates booking over the 6 limit will have first refusal on future SVM dates (TBC)

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