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Need Volunteers?

Advertise your opportunities here for free, because…

  • During 2021/22, there were over 36,000 unique visitors to our online opportunity search service with thousands of registrations of interest in hundreds of volunteer-involving organisations across the city.
  • Each year our team provides guidance to thousands of Glasgow residents who are looking for volunteering opportunities which match their needs and interests.
  • Every opportunity published on our site will also be further promoted to over 17,000 people and partner agencies that subscribe to our social media platforms and email subscription services.
  • 94% of groups, organisations and clubs rated our opportunity advertising services as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, and 56% of all those groups’ new volunteers came via Volunteer Glasgow services.
  • “We advertised for bookstore assistants through and within 2 weeks we were inundated with enquiries from potential volunteers! It was fabulous.” – Gillian, Oxfam
  • The service is free of charge as it is part funded by Glasgow City Council and Scottish Government.

So How Does it Work?

Register as a provider in as little as 10 minutes.

You will then immediately be able to create, publish and manage your opportunities.

You will also be able to:

  • Manage registrations of potential volunteers.
  • Manage recruitment, selection and communications with volunteers.
  • Schedule training sessions and manage attendance.
  • Verify volunteers’ hours and obtain their feedback.
  • Manage and report on all the relevant data associated with the above securely.

Please note

All opportunities created on require to be checked and authorised by a member of our Volunteering Team prior to publication. We will endeavour to ensure this happens within 3 working days. We will not normally advertise your opportunities if any of the following applies:

  • The opportunity cannot be undertaken in the Glasgow local authority area and/or does not benefit Glasgow LAA residents: you can find details of our sister Volunteer Centre/Third Sector Interface services across Scotland on the Volunteer Scotland web site
  • The opportunity is provided by a profit-making, private sector company.
  • The opportunity and/or provider does not appear to be compliant with health & safety, charity, protection of vulnerable groups and/or any other relevant legislation.
  • The opportunity and/or provider does not appear to have appropriate insurance cover in place.
  • The opportunity is not – in our view – an appropriate volunteering role.
  • The advert and/or opportunity is poorly designed and is unlikely to offer a quality experience.

Create your online account

  1. In order to help you create effective opportunity adverts and to help us get them online for you as quickly as possible it is important that you first view/download our User Guide by clicking on this link:Volunteer Glasgow Digital Advertising Services Guide
  2. Open up the app by clicking this link: (opens in new browser window/tab)
  3. Then…
    • If you’re using a desktop PC/Mac web browser, click on the blue “Need Volunteers” button.
    • If you’re on a mobile device, click on the drop down menu and choose, “Register”.

Benefit from Big Business support

  • Scores of teams also hit this website every year looking for one-off/event opportunities
  • Click here for more info, to advertise your ‘challenges’ to these teams, and to find out how to make connections!

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