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ICT Cloud User Form

Your Current Details

Please enter your details below.

(This is usually just your First Name and Last Name together)

Current VG Computer and Email Logins

When it comes to the Windows/PC login: some of you may not have a VG computer login, because you may have been working from home on your own device(s) so far. If this is the case then just leave that field blank.

Important - New/Additional Cloud Password

Your current Windows/Computer password and your current Email/Webmail password may not necessarily be the same as each other. Also, they may not adhere to the password criteria required to create passwords for you in future - e.g. on cloud IT and phone systems.

Before continuing, please check that your Email/Webmail password conforms to the following criteria:

  • contains a minimum of eight characters
  • contains at least one lowercase character
  • contains at least one uppercase character
  • contains at least one numeric character
  • contains at least one symbol (such as !, #, ?, $, @ )
If your Email/Webmail password does not conform to the above criteria, then please decide on and enter an alternative password below, then confirm it by entering it again. This password will be used to set you up on future cloud systems, but your existing passwords (i.e. Windows, Webmail, WordPress etc.) will remain the same for now - they are not interlinked.

However, if your current Email/Webmail password does already conform to all of the above criteria then that's great! Simply enter the same password below to save you confusion in future.

PIN Number

You will require to choose a four-digit PIN number for certain cloud services in future, including accessing cloud voicemail.

Please choose a four-digit PIN for yourself, then enter it and confirm it below.

Please wait...

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