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Information for service users, members, partners and stakeholders

Like many other third sector organisations in the city, Volunteer Glasgow had applied to Glasgow City Council’s Communities Fund.  We received a positive decision in early September but for a much reduced grant award from 1st October.

We wanted to provide an update to you on the measures we’ve put in place to avoid any immediate reductions in services and to give you some news about our:

  • Games for Good: Glasgow Build Off.
  • Imminent move to new offices.
  • Annual General Meeting.
  • Securing a shared vision for Glasgow’s future.
  • Winter: getting through it together.

Volunteering Services

Although we have put some mitigations in place until March, the reduced Council grant support means we need to continue to work hard to secure cost savings and additional income from April to avoid reductions in some services.

In particular, we are looking for your support to ensure we can work with partners on programmes that make volunteering more accessible and inclusive, enabling and empowering people to get involved and overcome barriers. Thank you to everyone that has supported our work so far.

Befriending and Mentoring Services

Although the Council formerly provided grant support for some of these services, we have successfully secured alternative grants and put in place additional funding and savings measures to make sure we can carry on providing these community-based support services unaffected.  However, we still need additional support from next April.

We would like to thank everyone involved in helping to put funds in place: it has been a tremendous effort, enabling our volunteer and staff teams to help “get it right for every child” across the city and to sustain our services for older adults in Drumchapel.

Games for Good

From tomorrow we’re co-hosting a Glasgow build-a-thon with R-CADE on MINECRAFT.  Please share this with all the gamers you know: get into or watch a Games for Good session to help raise funds

New office

We’re moving next week partly to reduce our costs and to be able to offer our services in a covid19-free future from accessible, city centre premises at Brunswick House, 51 Wilson Street, G1 1UZ.  Our other contact details won’t change but there may be some disruption to our 0141 226 3431 phones for a few days between 2nd – 5th December.

Save the Date

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on 27th January at 6pm.  More details to follow soon but if you’re not already a member (which is free for eligible individuals and organisations), you can sign up here to have your say: become a member of Volunteer Glasgow

A shared vision for Community Empowerment and Volunteering

If you want Glasgow to recover from the pandemic in ways that avoid returning to a world full of poverty and injustice, please have a look at the TSI Scotland Network’s Manifesto for Change to see if you share our vision.

And thank you to everyone that has already engaged in the process of reviewing Glasgow’s Volunteering Strategy over the past few weeks.  Please look out for the next steps in that review to ensure you can shape how the city uses available resources in ways which maximise our chances of making Glasgow a place, “where everyone can volunteer, more often and throughout their lives”.

Winter: getting through it together

Look out for a range of ideas, opportunities and support information from Wednesday next week.  Subscribe to our email feeds, follow us on social media or register for the latest volunteering opportunities.

Get in touch or Lend a Hand:

  • If you, or anyone you are supporting, wish to find out more about volunteering and/or identifying appropriate opportunities please get in touch with our Engagement & Inclusion team on
  • If you represent a group or organisation looking for help to recruit and manage volunteers then our Organisation Support team will be happy to help so please get in touch on
  • To find out more about Volunteer Glasgow’s Befriending and Mentoring Services get in touch with the team on
  • If you use and care about the services Volunteer Glasgow provides, a donation can make a big difference. You can help us continue our work by visiting

Best wishes from everyone at Volunteer Glasgow

Information for service users, members, partners and stakeholders

As many of you know, Volunteer Glasgow currently receives significant grant support from Glasgow City Council for many of its Befriending, Mentoring and Volunteering support services.

The current grant funding ends on 30th September 2020 and (at the time of writing) decisions on grant awards under the Council’s new Communities Fund programme are still to be made. Like many other third sector organisations in the city, we are expecting delayed decisions from the Council on Thursday 3rd September.

Our application to the Fund represents a reduction to 76% of our existing grant award budgets in order to comply with the new Fund’s eligibility criteria and guidance.

Given the short notice remaining and the multiple budget scenarios for which we need to continue planning until we receive a decision from the Council, we wanted to provide an update to you on the possible implications for our existing 65,000 or more service users and beneficiaries, partners and stakeholders.

Befriending and Mentoring Services

These will not be affected by Council decisions and all services will continue uninterrupted with the exception of the North East Glasgow Young Persons Befriending Service (YPBS) which has confirmed grant funding in place from the National Lottery Communities Fund and BBC Children in Need until 22nd January 2021.  We are working to secure further support for North East YPBS and hope to have an update very soon.

Although the Council currently provides £105,986 p.a. in grant support for some of these services until 30th September, we have successfully secured alternative grants and put in place additional savings measures and fundraising plans from October to make sure we can carry on providing these community-based support services.

We would like to thank everyone involved in helping to put alternative funds in place: it has been a tremendous effort, enabling our volunteer and staff teams to contribute to “getting it right for every child” across the city and to sustain our services for older adults in Drumchapel.

If you have any queries about our Befriending and Mentoring Services, please email or call 0141 226 2571

Volunteering Services

Current grant funding from the Council provides 68% of the budget for us to serve the whole of Glasgow with a number of volunteering support and development services which help make the city more inclusive, fairer, and healthier.

We understand that the Council may make partial awards and consequently we are planning for multiple budget scenarios and seeking your views.

Although we have been working to secure cost savings and additional income, if our grant application is unsuccessful or we receive a partial award, reductions in some or all of the following services and programmes are almost certain:

  • Direct support to over 2,000 people each year enabling them to get involved in volunteering opportunities. This includes much-needed assistance to overcome barriers to participation, like:
    • Our supported volunteering programmes offering group taster sessions and/or SQA Employability Awards.
    • Telephone, email and face-to-face guidance to help people identify suitable opportunities.
  • Partnership work locally and nationally with equalities organisations, policy-makers and others to make volunteering more inclusive.
  • Support to over 40 public and third sector organisations each year to achieve the Glasgow Volunteering Charter and/or the Volunteer Friendly Award.
  • Training, networking and peer support opportunities for over 120 volunteer managers each year.
  • Work with the Council’s Education Services to further develop and enhance volunteering opportunities for young people, parents and others.

Much of our remaining budget is provided by the Scottish Government through its grant support for the city’s Third Sector Interface partners.  As a result, we will be able to continue providing and developing:

  • Digital services that help more than 65,000 users to (a) advertise volunteering opportunities on behalf of hundreds of public and third sector organisations and groups at no cost to them, (b) connect people interested in those opportunities and (c) provide online information and guidance to both groups and individuals.
  • Saltire Awards for 2,000 young people (aged 12-25) each year in recognition of their volunteering.
  • Advice and guidance to organisations that signpost, encourage and support people into volunteering to achieve a range of health and employability benefits.

However, these remaining services may still need to be further redesigned and/or reduced to allow for local Glasgow priorities.

As you might expect, the staff team is currently working with Volunteer Glasgow’s Board to minimise or avoid any redundancies should the Council decide to reduce grant support.  Up to 18 of our 24 members of staff may be affected.

If you have any questions or views on these proposals, please email

If you use and care about the services Volunteer Glasgow provides, a donation can make a big difference. You can help us continue our work by visiting

Great news!  We want to ensure that we recognise and support the great efforts of young people helping in their communities, many of whom won't have volunteered before, and as such Saltire Awards have relaxed the rules on informal volunteering during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Young people (aged 12-25) can claim awards up to 100 hours' Saltire Award certificates for Covid-19 related volunteering, for example things like helping neighbours, people self-isolating in local communities, being involved with local mutual aid groups etc.  The volunteering must take place between 23/3/20 and 31/8/20 (or whenever lockdown/social distancing measures are relaxed, this will be kept under review)

So if you are, or know, a young person please sign up at or contact Tara for more information at

Volunteer Glasgow's Youth Volunteering Ambassadors would like to invite all young volunteers in Glasgow to get involved with an exciting new project to celebrate the Year of Young People 2018 #YOYP2018.

We are organising ' Volunteers of Glasgow: Photovoice Exhibition', to be held in GOOD, Buchanan Galleries from 17-24 August.  The exhibition will celebrate and showcase the photographs and stories of Glasgow's young volunteers (aged 8-25 years old).

To make the event a success, we need your help!  Please spread the word to all of the young volunteers you know and work with.  Invite them to send us their photographs and stories.

More information can be found at the following links PhotoVoice Application Form Final (1) PhotoVoice Letter

For further details of the event or photo/story submissions please contact Tara on 0141 226 3431 or or you can contact the Youth Volunteering Ambassadors directly at

QIBe2_rgbVolunteer Glasgow is delighted to share the news that our Young Persons Befriending Service has been awarded 'Quality in Befriending Excellence'!

It's now one of only four young persons' befriending projects to hold the Gold level of this award, which was developed by Befriending Networks, based in Scotland with international membership. Jean Inglis, Co-ordinator of the Service, said 'The application process was hard work, but we wanted to do justice to the service and all the people who've contributed to it - our young people, volunteers and staff, past and present'.

Quality in Befriending requires evidence of good practice across nine different elements of befriending.

Jean added: 'We hope the award inspires people to get involved in the service - whether they are young people and parents, volunteers, partner agencies or funders.'

For more information about the service, click here.

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