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Impact Report 2019photo of J and G with intandem's Project Quality Award from Scottish Mentoring Network

intandem: community-based mentoring service for young people

  • 20 young people supported by trained, community-based volunteer mentors.
  • All young people aged 8-14 and ‘looked after at home’ (i.e. subject to a supervision order following a Children’s Hearing).
  • Issues for young people have included child protection/abuse, disability, autism, parental drugs misuse, domestic violence, offending, bereavement, parental ill health, separation/divorce, low school attendance or exclusion.

    logo for intandem - mentoring Scotland's young people


  • Supported by 21 people volunteering as mentors with funding from Scottish Government (administered by Inspiring Scotland).

Jack’s story:

Jack (13) was referred to intandem as he struggles with managing his emotions effectively, often resorting to acts of aggression to communicate how he is feeling.

“Abby helps me to feel less angry. I’m not sure how but she does.”

His mentoring match is focused on developing Jack’s coping strategies for managing his anger/frustration as well as developing his decision making skills – goals which Jack himself identified.

With support and guidance from Abby, Jack has managed to engage positively in group activities developing his social skills and emotion management. As a result, he has also been able to sustain two peer relationships which are important to him.

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