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34 days to go!

Hi, It’s Caelum (Cal) Davies here again! So, it’s 34 days to go until the games, and I cannot tell you how excited I am about the fun being just around the corner!

I went down to Kelvinhall last week to pick up my accreditation pass and – even more excitingly – I also collected my uniform.

To start the day we had to get our accreditation (the small card that goes round our neck to prove who we are) sorted which meant ID checks. After bringing the wrong ID, breaking my wallet and lots of hilarious miscommunications, I was away! That’s when things felt a bit more real, it was the first time I was given anything other than a small booklet or email that said “I am Caelum Davies and I am volunteering at the Commonwealth Games!” Nice blue lanyard and dangling around my neck and lots of other details about my role!

A big benefit of volunteering is making memories, and it is little things like lanyards and pins and other knick-knacks that help these memories stay fresh in the mind!

After that I got a ticket for the queue and proceeded to wait for my uniform fitting. Most people wouldn’t enjoy waiting, but I was very happy to have ticket number twenty-nine, so that kept me distracted for some time! The wait wasn’t too bad really either, it was exciting seeing everyone get all of their stuff and seeing it all in real life! And then, it was my go! I went into a changing room and tried everything on, and voilà, I had a uniform! It all got packed into this lovely bag with writing along the side promoting the games, which I was not ashamed to show the world with pride!

Throughout the day there was an awkwardness in the air, but a good awkwardness; an excited awkwardness!

Awkward because we were all in the same boat – we didn’t really know anyone, no one was sure if making the first move to chat would be friendly or creepy. It felt like starting at Glasgow University again when no-one really spoke to each other, but along come the Freshers’ Helpers to make us feel all warm and comfortable inside, in this case the Freshers’ Helpers were the Clyde-siders that were giving us our uniforms and accreditation passes!

The games aren’t far away now, and Glasgow is buzzing with things to do! Radio 1’s Big Weekend got the city ready to party, the West End Festival is keeping us entertained and filled with pride, but the climax will really be the Commonwealth Games and I really can’t wait! What’s better, I am getting to go to a dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony – helping has its perks!

These lucky people have already been helping out for weeks; I still have a good few weeks to go before I begin! They were all telling me about how much fun it was! They were also all so cheerful and friendly, they all really wanted to chat, help and have a great time!

Volunteering is amazing, and I can’t wait to see how I develop as a person because of it!

Here I come Glasgow!

  • Get involved with the University of Glasgow and their events during the Commonwealth Games – you can find out more about what the University is doing by going to the University and the Commonwealth Games mini-site.
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