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Usually this error is due to a temporary connection problem between our website and the opportunities database, and simply refreshing/reloading the page will solve the problem.

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If you keep encountering this error and refreshing hasn't helped then please click here to contact us and tell us what you were trying to search for, and a member of our team will be happy to help.


During September...

... we will be migrating to a new, improved digital platform for volunteering. During this short, essential transition period you will be able to view an increasing number of additional opportunities appearing on the new platform.

So once you have finished using the search facility above, please click on the following link for even more great opportunities: (link opens in a new tab)

Do you have specific skills to offer?

If you have searched online and cannot find anything that suits your specific skills, then you can advertise your skills through our blog and our regular ebulletins to organisations. This is appropriate for skills which would not normally be requested by organisations due to their specialism ie IT specialist, Marketing or Finance background, Photography, Musician, languages and many others. We won't advertise your full name or contact details: we'll forward responses from interested organisations to you.

If you would like to be included in the blog and ebulletin then email details of your particular skills to

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