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Join our Saltire Award Ambassador chat!

Volunteer Glasgow is seeking to develop the Saltire Award Ambassador Role for Glasgow. This discussion is aimed at potential Ambassadors who have completed 200+ hours of volunteering (the main criteria for becoming a Saltire Award Ambassador)  and are between the ages of 12-25 years old.

Volunteer Glasgow is seeking commitment of at least 4 hours per month over 2 years to develop the Ambassador roles of:

  • Summit Panel member (Panel of 5 members who consider Summit/Outstanding contribution to volunteering nominations)
  • Promotional Events, Workshops & Presentations
  • Helping to organise Saltire “Challenge” events
  • Publicity & Communication e.g. website, Facebook and Twitter
  • Helping to organise Award Ceremonies and prepare certificates
  • Compiling case studies & image banks

In this discussion via Twitter please make comment on the following:

Time limitation. Potential Ambassadors already have other volunteering commitments on top of all the other personal life commitments  so ask yourself do you really have the time to lend towards being an Ambassador?

Motivation. Linking in with any time constraints your initial motivation to becoming an Ambassador. What are your expectations of the role?

Development of the Ambassador Roles mentioned above. Are these roles relevant and are they achievable?

Check out the chat using the Twitter hashtag

Volunteer Glasgow is proud to be working with Glasgow 2018 European Championships
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