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To The Battlefield! (School)- Request for Team

Teams  of between 8 – 10 people seeking  volunteering may enjoy this unusual but very rewarding request.

Battlefield Primary School is looking for a firm to partner with them for one afternoon per month.  for example, the school afternoon hours are 1pm – 3pm so the volunteering session could run from 1.15 -2.45pm.  This opportunity is ideal for organisations who would prefer to break their volunteering time into short sessions.   If preferred by your firm – the school could run the sessions for one afternoon a week for 8 weeks if that suited better.   The volunteering team will be asked to work with a small group of children  aged 9-10 years setting them challenges and tasks linking to the work of the organisation.  So for example, if you are a firm of accountants or a bank, tasks could be maths games – or if you are a firm of engineers, tasks could be related to  engineering/building  etc.

These are just examples, so if your firm can think up imaginative challenges related to the work you do – please give this fantastic opportunity your consideration.  Staff will be on hand to help out – and any photocopying that is required will be done by the school.

Please note:  As you would be meeting with the kids on a regular basis the school is required to undertake PVG checks.

The volunteering activities will take place within school premises, although if a workplace visit could be arranged once it would be really appreciated.  (The kiddiwinks would love it).

Refreshments will be provided (tea/coffee) and a very warm welcome will await you.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity further please contact Catriona Brown, Principal Teacher, by completing the form below and pressing send.  Catriona will contact you within 5 working days to arrange an informal chat.

Organisations responding to this  request will be required to follow policies and procedures stated by Battlefield Primary School.

Please note:  A copy of your response will be sent to Helen Taylor at Volunteer Glasgow for the organisations records.

Contact Catriona

Please complete all the boxes below to Please pay particular attention to the message box - give as many details as possible regarding numbers, dates etc. Catriona will reply to you within 5 working days. If you have not heard from her within this time please contact Volunteer Glasgow.

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