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Cheer Up A Weeping Willow – Request for Team


lambhill stableslambhill stables

Aileen at Lambhill Stables needs help from a team of volunteers.  There is an area of willow that needs cutting and sorting and roots dug out.  The project could really do with the help.

If you could help with this task please contact Aileen by completing the form below.

People responding to this email will be asked to provide their own comfortable clothing and footwear.

Lambhill Stables will provide refreshments for  volunteers

This organization has full insurances and risk assessments in place.

All normal volunteering policies and procedures of Lambhill Stables will apply.


Contact Aileen

Please ensure that you complete all the boxes and include as much information as you can about you and your team. Aileen will respond to your email as soon as possible. Please note, a copy of your email will be sent to Helen Taylor for Volunteer Glasgow records.

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