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Clydesider Diary

First Training Day for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Hello, I am Caelum Davies, a University of Glasgow Student studying Maths, Politics and Public Policy. I am from Barry, a small seaside town right next to Cardiff in Wales (mostly known for Gavin & Stacey) and I have been at the University since 2012, I am also a “Clyde-sider” – a volunteer for the Commonwealth Games.

I am incredibly proud to be a volunteer and I am ridiculously excited to be volunteering at Glasgow 2014 and probably just as excited to get the uniform!

So, let me tell you a little about the training day, and then a little bit about why I think volunteering is awesome!

We all arrived and waited patiently. (The type of people who volunteer seem to be the people who like to be early: a good 80% of us arrived at least ten minutes early and these are definitely my type of people!) Honestly though, they were probably all just very excited and didn’t want to show up late for the first day, but deep down I hope that they too, like me, show up to everything from work to a party a good thirty minutes early.

After the period of not-knowing and excitement, we were split up into two teams:

  • India which was the last host nation
  • Australia which is the future host nation

The session was really useful, because although we were having a lot of fun taking part in the games and little quizzes, we were also learning an awful lot about what would be expected of us; about what the games are all about: it’s values and goals, the logistics of the game – which although sound boring to most was really exciting for us as we always eagerly awaited every new factoid!  Disappointingly however, team India ended up drawing with team Australia which really didn’t appeal to my competitive side.

After this, we went on to learn all about the area in which we will be working which for me, is transport. Again, something else that at first sounds a little bit boring but then you learn that there is an awful lot more to it than just pointing out buses.  One of the biggest jobs of the transport team is to move around the athletes, officials, media, sponsors, dignitaries and their guests.

We are moving around incredibly interesting people and this doesn’t mean that the public are not interesting, but it is their moment, we will get to work with the people for whom the games is an incredibly huge part of their life.

This was about that for the day, but they did stress the benefits we can get from volunteering at the games. One was something that I know from the other times I have volunteered: The People.

Back at the Orientation event we had in March we were all given a little pocket guide and at the back was a section where we could jot down people’s names, twitter accounts, emails etc, and just after the training day I already managed to fill up a good section of one of the pages! Everyone was fantastic and I managed to meet up with a few of the other people that will be based at the SECC/Hydro along with me.

Another benefit is the sense of belonging, the feeling you have of being a part of something. I feel a part of the Glasgow community and the games community. It is nice to feel like I am helping society in some way as well, and this is something that anyone can get from any form of volunteering.

I can’t wait to get to do even more for and with the games as the months go on, and I will be sure to keep posting whenever I have more to say (don’t worry, I have lots to say).

Caelum is one of the Volunteer Bloggers for the University of Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games, you can find out more about what the University is doing throughout the games by going to the Commonwealth section of the University website.

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