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Information for Volunteers

Volunteer Mentors are in an excellent position to provide young carers with support, opportunities, fun and personal development.

In turn, as a Mentor, you would gain

  • Initial training with a focus on personal development
  • New skills and experience valued by employers, training and further education providers
  • The chance to make a difference to the life of a young carer whose circumstances are difficult, complex and stressful
  • Support in your role from expert, experienced staff
  • The opportunity to invest in yourself and in the life of a young carer who, with your assistance can learn new skills, cope better with their circumstances, feel good about themselves and realise their goals.

Initially you would be asked to commit to our training programme and then, if this is the right volunteering opportunity for you, to a match with a young carer lasting 12 weeks.  During the match you would spend time each week with your young carer, using activities to build the relationship which helps you support them, develop their self- esteem and confidence, skills and abilities and explore and achieve their goals and aspirations.  Throughout your match (and any subsequent matches) you would be working in partnership with our Mentoring Support Worker so that the best results are achieved for the young carer and for you.

The application process is fairly simple – we would complete the application form while you’re talking to us about your interest in mentoring and we would support your application for membership of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme which is required for this type of work.  We would let you know about our model of mentoring, the expectations we would have of you and the expectations that you should have of us so that you can start to decide if this is the type of volunteering that you want.  We appreciate the time, energy and care that volunteers invest in mentoring so want to make sure that you get the rewards you deserve.

If this sounds like something you want to explore further get in touch – we’d be delighted to talk to you

Tel: 0141 226 3431


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