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Glasgow’s Strategic Volunteering Framework (SVF)

Glasgow has a volunteering strategy that has been adopted by the Community Planning Partnership (CPP). An implementation plan was agreed by the CPP Strategic Board on 26th February 2010. The plan was developed on the basis of primary and secondary research, scoping work and consultation events conducted in 2009.  It is also the basis of the Glasgow 2014 Legacy Framework – Inclusive Glasgow/Volunteering action plan.

Glasgow 2014: has there been a Legacy?

A recent report and associated headlines (May 2017) suggest we’ve failed collectively to capitalise on the success of volunteering at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games: this is what we think… Read our blog post (Friday 26th May 2017)

Further information

Download the April 2016 SVF papers, including action plans and reports that were presented to the city’s Community Planning Partnership.

Download a summary of the SVF – it tells you why volunteering is important to Glasgow, what we want to achieve between 2015 and 2018, and the values and principles that should guide the city’s work.

Download a copy of the full Glasgow Strategic Volunteering Framework (2010)

The records of the 2009 scoping/consultation events co-facilitated by the Volunteer Centre on behalf of the SVF Steering Group are listed below as pdf files for download.  Many individuals, clubs, groups and organisations participated in facilitated discussion to help prioritise issues for the SVF Implementation Plan. Inevitably, many groups/organisations couldn’t attend: if you have issues you would like to contribute please email us – you may have issues that can be addressed quickly and/or that can be fed into local and/or city wide planning processes.

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