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🗣️ Important Kinetic Update for Providers ❗

December saw an important update to our digital advertising service. A particular point which we would like to draw your attention to is the new opportunity applying process.

Some of you may have already noticed some changes when receiving emails about new interest in your live opportunities. Now, when you receive an email telling you that someone is interested in your opportunity, you will need to log into your Kinetic account, select the relevant opportunity and select the tab ‘Applicants’. Here you will find the names and details of people who are interested in your volunteering opportunity. Once you have gone through your usual application process and you and the volunteer are both happy to proceed, you can move the applicant to the ‘volunteer’ category by clicking on the ✔️. If however, the role is not suitable for the volunteer, you can ‘decline’ their application by selecting the ❌. We would strongly advise that you make contact with an applicant and provide appropriate feedback if necessary before declining an application.

Below is a video from the Kinetic Team explaining these new functions in more detail. As always if you are having any problems with the website, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

(If you find that the sound is not working, try opening the video in YouTube by clicking on ‘YouTube’ in the bottom right hand corner of the video).

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