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Vodafone Team Offer

Vodafone would like to commit the time of around 4 members of its staff to helping your organisation. They are open to any ideas you may have in terms of the type of activity but may be restricted in terms of how far they can travel, preferring to give their time to a Glasgow based organisation. Ideally this will happen some time in September and the team is flexible in terms of what day this happens. If you think you could use their help, please get in touch using the online form below.

Organisations responding to this offer are responsible for ensuring appropriate insurances are in place, be willing to supervise the task(s) and – if applicable – ensure risk assessments have been undertaken.  Normal policies and procedures of your organisation will apply.

Contact Anne

Please ensure that you complete all the boxes and include as much information as you can about your project and task you would like to the team to do. This will assist the group to make a decision on whether or not they are able to help your project. Please note, a copy of your email will be sent to Emma McLean for Volunteer Glasgow records.

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