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Strengthen your Board!

photo of Saltire Awards Summit Panel members for the Get on Board campaignFind the Trustees and Directors you need to sustain and develop your organisation.

Or advertise for pro-bono expert help with specific projects to support your Board and managers.

New people can bring time, skills, knowledge and expertise to a wide range of challenges and you’ll be surprised by just how many talented and knowledgeable people are out there willing to give a few hours each month to support the work of your community group, club, charity or social enterprise.

Perhaps you need one or more of the following?

  • Knowledge of the neighbourhood, funding, diversity, disabilities, business, culture, client groups, arts, government
  • Skills such as financial, business, legal, events, HR, secretarial, fundraising, teaching, report writing, policy

Your organisation can advertise for FREE for more Directors, Trustees, Board co-optees and pro-bono experts to connect with hundreds of people interested in that type of volunteering opportunity. Simply click on this link to find out more then register your organisation: Advertise your Trustee opportunities

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