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Our New Digital Platform Launches in September

Something Exciting This Way Comes!

Following work behind the scenes with a range of key partners over the last 4 years, Volunteer Glasgow is delighted to announce that we are now in the final countdown to the launch of our new, enhanced digital platform for volunteering using Volunteer Kinetic.

Volunteer Kinetic will enable Volunteer Involving Organisations to create a free online account in order to:

  • Create and edit opportunity adverts for volunteers
  • Manage registrations of potential volunteers
  • Manage recruitment, selection and communications with volunteers
  • Securely manage and report on relevant data.

There will also be the option to share opportunities advertised via the new system automatically with

It will replace our existing national systems for advertising opportunities that use the PDF forms, SCVO’s MILO2 and the legacy accounts on

The growing numbers of people across the city who are interested in volunteering will be able to search for opportunities which match their interests, create an online account, apply to specific opportunities providers, schedule their availability, log their volunteering hours, communicate with providers, and provide moderated/published feedback on their experience of volunteering.  

We will continue to enhance the reach of opportunity adverts through our social media platforms and online subscription services.

What do you need to do?

From 30th August, Volunteer Involving Organisations will be able to create their online account when we publish the details on  It’s a quick and easy process but we will also be offering Volunteer Kinetic Start-Up Sessions here at our city centre offices where staff will support organisations to create their account and answer any queries. Dates and details of how to book will be available soon.  If you have live opportunity adverts that you want to keep up online during September/October, please put some time aside in your diary in early September to create your Kinetic account.

From 29th September, only opportunities published via Volunteer Kinetic will be visible on  It is crucial therefore that organisations who have live volunteering opportunity adverts create their Volunteer Kinetic account and input their opportunities before this date.

It is important to note that there will be a transition period throughout September where opportunities will be advertised via both our existing systems and the new Kinetic platform.

Thank you!

The limitations of the existing national systems have been all too apparent to many of you for some time and we’d like to thank everyone that has provided feedback and battled with us to get your opportunities advertised via MILO2, volunteeringzone and and on this website over the last 4 years.

Our colleagues at Glasgow Sport and Glasgow Life identified the potential benefits early, working with their colleagues in Manchester to use Kinetic and have demonstrated clearly what it has to offer Glasgow.

Our colleagues at Voluntary Action Scotland, Volunteer Edinburgh, Scottish Government, SCVO and Volunteer Scotland have worked with us to negotiate a change in Government grant conditions allowing us the flexibility to use Kinetic.

Team Kinetic and SCVO have worked hard with us to ensure that opportunity adverts can be published in future to MILO2 and via a simple tick box in Kinetic.

We would also like to thank the staff at The Hidden Gardens, Do A Little, Change A Lot, Erskine Shoulder to Shoulder Mentoring and the Young Person’s Befriending Service for their invaluable feedback on the new Kinetic system.

The team here at Volunteer Glasgow have laboured long and hard to facilitate the development processes, sustain the existing systems in the meantime, gathering your feedback, and ensuring that Kinetic can work for all types of volunteering across Glasgow.

If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact any member of the Volunteering Team.

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