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Smarter Volunteer Manager Training

This programme is for anyone who engages with volunteers, including . . .

  • Managers of volunteering programmes
  • Personnel with responsibility for day-to-day supervision of people volunteering
  • Strategic lead officers
  • Members of governing bodies
  • Aspiring Volunteering Charter signatories**see NOTE below

Effective partnerships are the cornerstone of everything we do.  In providing training over the last 17 years, we have worked with hundreds of organisations – refining our methodology to meet your challenges, culminating in this learning set approach. When you engage with volunteers, it’s easy to feel the pressure, like you’re always, simultaneously, wearing several hats. This training programme, based on Volunteer Glasgow’s Dynamic Model, will help you take the stress out of your day.

Our approach will empower you to take control in the smartest way so that your engagement with volunteers is seamless, practical, simple and, most significantly, really effective. The best managers stay in control and ensure that they are planning ahead. Applying the Dynamic Model keeps you on top of the game and ensures that you create the right roles, for the right tasks, for the right people. And, importantly, you can do this in a way that makes the most of your resources while reducing unnecessary effort.

The Dynamic Model differs from traditional approaches to volunteer management because . . .

  • It focuses on an effective, detailed analysis and design of individual, volunteering roles,
  • Processes for recruitment, selection and management of people volunteering MUST be specific and conducive to each role,
  • Every volunteering role must be designed on the basis of a clear exchange of expectations and benefits.

When applied correctly, this ‘role analysis’ approach inevitably creates the structural and procedural requirements for the successful engagement of volunteers, including . . .

  • A List of Clear Benefits for the volunteer, associated with the role
  • A Detailed Role Description presenting the benefits in a narrative and accessible format
  • A Recruitment Strategy that maximises the likelihood of attracting the right people
  • A Support and Supervision Model tailored to the specifics developed for the role
  • Assessment and Monitoring Tools that provide essential and useful feedback
  • Resource Maximisation due to the efficiencies that flow from the analysis

The Smarter Volunteer Manager training programme will show you, in detail, how the Dynamic Model works, and will help you to embed it into your context, in your organisation.

Some comments from previous participants of our training…

“I found the course informal but very detailed. It makes you think in depth. There was a lot of space to ask questions relevant to our specific roles, I would recommend this to anyone working with volunteers.”

” I was very pleased by the new content in this training compared to other volunteer management training”

“This has proved so valuable in thinking about how and why we operate, and how best to improve going forward.”

“Great course over the whole programme. I learned many skills and gained a good knowledge of how to recruit/retain volunteers.”

“It covered more than I thought it would. I work with volunteers on a regular basis,  I was surprised at how much was new to me.”

“A great experience that has set me on my way to developing a volunteer programme for my department! Thank you.”

How our Smarter Volunteer Manager Training works

Drawing, broadly, on an Action Learning Set model, the programme runs over five, 2 hour sessions spaced over three weeks. Offering a fusion of mentoring, inquisitorial discussion, small-group exercises and individual study, there will be opportunities created between sessions for you to explore how far the learning can be applied.

  1. It’s an approach that will help you to find new solutions to the challenges facing you, including those you have yet to identify.
  2. Each Learning Set group will be capped at six participants, increasing the potential for devoting greater attention to each person’s needs.
  3. You will work with like-minded people who face similar challenges, gaining from the mutual support and strength that a closed group can provide.
  4. You will be guided by an experienced facilitator in a safe and confidential space where you can be open about the obstacles you are facing.
  5. You will discover why there’s more than one type of volunteer, and more than one type of volunteering role, and how this requires a sophisticated understanding of what volunteering is and why people do it. Equally, you will uncover the single driving force that motivates all volunteers.
  6. You will receive a comprehensive grounding for involving volunteers, ensuring that you have fully addressed all the procedural and operational requirements within your own context.
  7. Your organisation will benefit from a structurally holistic management model designed to maximise resources while minimising effort.
  8. Because your volunteers will subsequently be appropriately supported, feeling acknowledged and recognised, they are likely to stay around longer.
  9. You will be able to develop appropriate tools to monitor and assess the impact of your volunteers’ work.

What it will cost

Band A   Organisations with an income of less than £20,000 per annum, can book a place on this course for FREE.

Band B   Organisations with an income between £20,000 and £99,999 will be charged £90.

Band C   Organisations with incomes between £100,000 and £499,999 will be charged £130.

Band D   Organisations with incomes of £500,000 or more will be charged £210.

For further information or to book your place, please contact the Organisation Support Team via or contact on 0141 226 3431 or alternatively just fill out the short form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you.

The Training will take place on Zoom so that you can participate at home or from your office –

**NOTE: Aspiring Volunteering Charter signatories can choose to take part in this training to gain intensive support for building their Charter Pledge action plan.

Each Learning Set will be capped at six participants and run over five sessions, two hours long over the span of three weeks. 


The September schedule is now full. Further dates for October will be published soon.

NOW FULL September 7th, 10th, 14th, 17th and 21st.

Register your Interest

Use this form to request further information about Smarter Volunteer Manager Training or to book a place. NOTE: PLEASE INDICATE THE START DATE YOU WISH TO ATTEND AND WHICH COST BAND APPLIES TO THIS BOOKING. We may request further information before confirming your booking.

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