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Principles of the Charter

Charter LogoIn signing up to Glasgow’s Volunteering Charter, your organisation is making a commitment to the following values and principles:

  • Freedom and Choice – everyone should be free to choose to volunteer their time, energy and skills for the benefit of their community – without compulsion and without any unreasonable restrictions.
  • Mutual benefit – Every opportunity will identify how people will benefit from their participation in volunteering, and how their role will contribute both to the organisation and to wider community social objectives.
  • Volunteering and Paid Employment – We recognise that huge areas of activity in society are entirely reliant on people’s volunteering efforts.  Increasing volunteering opportunities need not – and should not – detract from efforts to increase employment opportunities.  In designing and developing appropriate volunteering opportunities in the context of policies such as public service reform and community empowerment, we will use a clear set of values and principles including those contained in the 2010 joint STUC/Volunteer Scotland “Charter for Strengthening Relations Between Paid Staff and Volunteers” which is available here for download (PDF document, 44kb).
  • Inclusion – Volunteer involving organisations will actively seek to make opportunities as accessible as possible, and will monitor the diversity of their volunteers.
  • Out of pocket expenses – People should not be financially disadvantaged by volunteering.
  • Collaboration – Both volunteers and paid staff should contribute to development of volunteering policies and procedures, co-designing and production of new roles and opportunities too!
  • Appropriate resourcing – Organisations will plan and budget effectively for volunteers’ support, out-of-pocket expenses, training/development, inclusion, and recognition.
  • Support – people volunteering will be provided with support appropriate to their role and needs.
  • Quality – organisations will develop volunteer management processes and practice that support a positive, high quality experience.
  • Healthy Environment – People that are volunteering have a right to a safe, secure and healthy environment, free from harassment and discrimination; and to a clear mechanism for the resolution of any concerns/disputes.
  • Recognition – The contribution of people volunteering and the value they bring to communities and services will be publicly recognised and celebrated.
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