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Take This! – Team Offer

Isabella from United Way is organizing volunteering for up to 4 teams (20 people in total) on behalf of her clients at Lenovo.  This means a few charities, community groups, libraries, community centres or schools –  will benefit from this volunteering contribution.  The teams will provide the resources needed to complete their chosen tasks.  Don’t […]

Reach Out – They’ll Be There! – Team Offer

Are you a charity or community group in Glasgow?  Do you have a job that you just don’t have time to do? It could be painting a room, clearing out cupboards, weeding gardens or anything else you have on your ‘to do’ list! Amanda from Lloyds Banking Group has a team of 10 willing volunteers […]

Anytime*Anyplace*Anywhere – Team Offer

Attention community groups and charities!!  Willie and 13 of his colleagues at Education Scotland would like to come and volunteer for your organization for a day.  This group of enthusiastic people will consider any task and look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. To respond to this email please contact Willie by […]

Ye Canny Whack An ACCA – Team Offer!!

Chris and his colleagues from ACCA (11 in total) would love to volunteer as a team for a charity or community group in Glasgow.  The task could take place between December 2016 & March 2017.  An outdoor activity would be preferred and disabled access is required as there is a member of the group who […]

30 Willing Hands – Team Offer

  MSD have 30 willing helping hands keen to assist any community group or voluntary organization who have a big task (or 2) that needs to be done.    The employees have a weekday available where they can split into two teams and help you to achieve goals.  The team will consider anything – but […]

Barclays Team Offer

Barclays can supply at least two people between 9am-6pm any weekday during October and November to support your organisation’s work. We have 150+ staff with a range of skills and interests, so we can handle any challenge! Please get in touch if you have events or specific activities tasks that your organisation needs help with.

SSE team Offer

SSE would like to offer a team of around 10-15 volunteers to help out one or more lucky volunteer-involving organisation or charity, possibly over a period of 2-3 days, preferably outdoors as its Summer time!

Back In The Game – Here To Serve – Team Offer

Attention all charities and community groups, especially those of you who have previously responded to this post.  This team previously made an offer – but due to circumstances beyond their control – they were unable to carry it out at the stated time.  HOWEVER – they are now ready to roll – so get your […]

Get your Spring Cleaning Ready – Team Offer

MMC (Mercer) has up to 6 people per day for up to 4 days waiting to hear from charities and community organizations across Glasgow.  The group(s) would like to hear from you if you are a group that has the paint but no painter or maybe you have materials but no- one to refurbish  your […]

Possibilities with Possobilities – Team Offer

  Calling all Volunteer Involving Organisations – Possobilities has a group of willing volunteers ready to take on any tasks you need done.  They  are willing to paint rooms, tidy stock rooms or do a bit of gardening – whatever you need.  Your reward will be knowing you have helped to increase the social skills, […]

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