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Meet the Team — Our Board of (Volunteer) Directors

Please note that you can contact our Directors via our Company Secretary and Chief Executive

  • Photo of Calum MacDonald Calum MacDonald (Chair)

    As a Board of Directors, we share the values and the ambition of the organisation to be a centre of excellence across the range of services it delivers.

    We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to help Volunteer Glasgow become stronger and even more successful moving forward and to be good ambassadors for the organisation.

    This is an exciting time for all of us and for Volunteer Glasgow. I am confident that the organisation will continue to grow stronger in its key role in leading the way for volunteering in Glasgow and beyond.

    I very much look forward to shaping and contributing to that journey.

  • Photo of Sue Kinn Sue Kinn (vice-Chair)

    I have been volunteering since I was at school. I think it is really important to contribute to the community where I live. It always surprises me how small actions can make such a difference to people and organisations. I have made many friends and have benefited in other ways from my volunteering. I have gained all sorts of experience and expertise, all of which have been useful for my own career in academia and the civil service.

    I feel very lucky to be able to help guide and steer Volunteer Glasgow as a member of the Board. I also think being a Board member is a very humbling experience, and during my time I have gained a lot of insight into the amazing volunteering people do for others.

  • Steve Cleary (Treasurer)

    A graduate of Glasgow University Business School, Masters In Business, with extensive experience of business start-up and foundation, Strategic Business Growth, and Managing Change Strategy. All experience gained primarily in an FMCG/Operations/Customer Focused environment, I operate in production and logistics Best Practice, asset management, product development and business restructuring. I have previously worked for Global Corporates, Diageo PLC, The Edrington Group, Motorola, and most recently in the service sector. I am a self starter, and have sharp analytical skills. Large and extensive business network, with key skill set in all areas of business foundation, growth and development. Highly experienced in managing diverse team and management groups.

  • Photo of Sarah BurgessSarah Burgess (Director)

    I’ve been involved in volunteering since I was a teenager, starting with the good old charity shop and have worked in volunteering, mainly in volunteering infrastructure for over 20 years now. Most of that time has been spent in two very different volunteer centres, one in Swindon, Wiltshire, the other in Dún Laoghaire, south county Dublin, doing everything from suggesting placements to potential volunteers to training volunteer managers in best practice. In between times I worked for Volunteering England in a regional role, supporting all the volunteer centres across the south west of England. I moved to Glasgow in 2015 and have spent the last couple of years gaining experience of directly managing volunteers, rather than just telling other people how it’s done. As I missed the world of volunteer centres, I applied to join the VG board when I saw they were advertising for new members.

  • Paul Johnstone (Director)

    I am delighted to have joined the Board of Volunteer Glasgow in June this year and look forward to working with the rest of the Board to ensure that the organisation continues to develop and to support the great work of the Volunteer Glasgow team.

    I have 10 years’ experience of working in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, with the last 6 and a half years working within the public sector for an organisation called Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC), who are a ‘centre of expertise’ for procurement within the university and colleges sector.

    My role entails me working with Forth Valley College to ensure that the College secures best value for money when purchasing goods, services and works. A further part of my role is to ensure good governance in relation to our procurement processes across the College, as being part of the public sector means that we must comply with EU and Scottish legislation, which can be very onerous but in many ways ensures best practice and structure to our operations.

    I hope to bring some of my skills and experience to support the work of Volunteer Glasgow and the Board, and I am also keen to learn about the impact that the work of Volunteer Glasgow has on the people that utilise its services.

    In my spare time, I like to spend time with my wife and two young sons, go to the gym, and enjoy cooking and eating nice food.

  • Photo of Allan Kirkwood Allan Kirkwood (Director)

    (More information to follow)

  • Gabriella Cowan (Director)

    (More information to follow)

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